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The Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022 in glomex

We are pleased and honored to announce our further cooperation with the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) in glomex, for the provision of the WinterOlympic Games 2022content, taking place in Beijing and broadcasted in Greece by the state channel.

The largest winter sport festival of the world, the efforts of the athletes and their record-breaking moments start in Beijing and through the ERT-glomex cooperation travel to the Greek websites and their audiences!

With the addition of the Winter Olympic Games 2022 in glomex, the available premium and exclusive Video content coming from the nationwide TV broadcasters and Pay Tvs, is further enriched and through the 180+ participating Publishers meets an audience of ~6M* unique persons!

We are very happy that, following our collaboration with ERT for the distribution of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 content via glomex, we will continue to contribute to the wide and quality information of the Greek public on the big international and domestic news and events.

*Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, October 2021


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