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The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 in glomex

It is with great honor that we recently announced the extension of our cooperation with the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) in glomex, for the provision of the Olympic Games 2020 content, the largest global sports festival, taking place in Tokyo and broadcasted in Greece by the state channel.

From the opening to the closing ceremony, in the thematic sections created by ERT in glomex, the participating websites will have access to exclusive video content from the Olympic Games, in high quality and at times close to live broadcast.

The efforts of the 10.305 international athletes, the great world records, start in Tokyo and through the ERT-glomex cooperation transfer the Olympic Ideal to Greek websites!

With the addition of the Olympic Games 2020 in glomex, which follows the recent provision of Euro2020 and Copa America content, the available premium and exclusive Video content of the big international and domestic sports events coming from the nationwide TV broadcasters and Pay Tvs, is further enriched.

In this historic, due to the pandemic, moment of the world sports news, we are very happy that in collaboration with ERT we will contribute to the distribution of the Olympic Games video content on the Greek internet.


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