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GR Xchange | The Alpha version now in operation

Phaistos Networks "launches" the Greek media industry "Back to the Future", introducing Programmatic 3.0 with GR Xchange, for the first time in Greece. This innovative solution aims to smooth over the multiple issues that have arisen in the Programmatic ecosystem to date.

GR Xchange redefines the value of quality inventory from the country's

Premium Publishers, as it re-creates the conditions for creative and effective campaigns, while ensuring transparency for all parties, at every stage of the Programmatic chain.

Fully prepared for the cookie-less era, GR Xchange offers advanced targeting and optimized performance with methodologies beyond the use of 3rd party cookies, while fully responding to advertisers’ need for Brand Safety & Suitability, utilizing valuable Local Insights, along with Phaistos Networks’ longstanding experience and expertise.

The Alpha version of GR Xchange is already being utilized with the activation of part of its features, by BGM OMD, Mediacom and Tempo OMD, and the participation of selected Publishers. The full version will be available from Phaistos Networks at the end of the first half of this year.


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