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“GR-ID”: Targeting & Measurement in the cookieless era

Our new venture for the development of an alternative solution for the identification of individual website users, that will maintain and power effective targeting and measurement without depending on 3rd party cookies, was announced during this year’s Programmatic Conference 2021.

The initiative, namely “GR-ID” as announced during the conference by Katerina Mitchell, Ad Operations Director at Phaistos Networks, will be a tailormade method that will serve the creation of people-based identity solution linking the visitors of Greek websites under a single, unified id.

The data contributing to the creation of “GR-ID”, will be seeded from Greek Publishers and will be used primarily by themselves at the 1st party level, as part of their own offering, but could be channeled in a consolidated manner in the Programmatic Ecosystem for effective targeting and measurement.

As mentioned by K.Mitchell, “even though the full deprecation of 3rd party cookies has been postponed, this is a change that is definite to happen, bringing a global domino effect for all parties involved in the digital advertising ecosystem”, while she added that “we strongly believe that the answer to this huge global challenge will come from the solutions developed within the local markets which have a deeper knowledge of the available local data after all”.

“GR-ID” follows the development of “GRXchange”, the innovative “Programmatic 3.0” service of Phaistos Networks, complementing our strategic plan for the provision of cutting edge and meaningful solutions that meet the needs of the ever-changing digital advertising ecosystem in the Greek market.


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