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Beyond Programmatic: A “screen 360º" world

We had the pleasure to participate in this year's "Programmatic Advertising Conference", which took place on July 1st 2022 as a virtual event.

In its 8th edition, the Conference aimed to provide key updates and information on all latest trends and best practices, in order to assist marketers, agencies and publishers in further developing and enhancing their Programmatic strategies within the context of emerging major opportunities and changes in evolving business models.

During the Conference's proceedings, our company participated in a session named "Beyond Programmatic: A GR perspective".

Though it may sound as an oxymoron, given that the programmatic method is being extended to the advertising inventory resulting from "non-traditional digital media" and new connected devices, such as DOOH, Connected TV or digital in-store retail advertising, this session aimed to open a window to the gradual surpassing of the "traditional" expression of Programmatic advertising, and the opportunities that arise through a new Cross-Screen digital environment.

In the context of these emerging new technologies and the possibilities they offer, Katerina Mitchell, Director of Communications of Phaistos Networks, conveyed the modern reality and the directions in which the market must move in a "Beyond (traditional) Programmatic" era. Among them: the cross-bridging of available inventory sources and devices, the standardization of tools regardless of the source and type of inventory, the unification of measurement on the different screens and devices and, overall, the holistic and truly Cross-media management of the campaigns.

As Ms. Mitchell noted, these are also the directions on which Phaistos Networks has been working during the past years in order to develop grxchange, a groundbreaking technological solution on a mission to serve the brands' need to communicate with their audiences, wherever they may be, by introducing a pioneering approach to advertising.

Following our company's brief speech, leading members of the greek digital industry participated in a very interesting Panel discussion, focused on the local digital ecosystem challenges and the emerging opportunities through such a Cross-Screen approach.

Katerina Mitchell brief speech [in Greek]


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