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Our Story

Back in 1997, our CEO wanted to find a way to introduce local businesses and individuals to the Internet, starting off by providing dialup access and later offering added value services. So he came in touch with George through a common friend and they started off by registering with FORTHnet (a major ISP in Greece ) as a local Point Of Presence. It was working out well - dialup access and additional services (Web hosting, email accounts) were sought after by businesses and locals alike.

Soon thereafter they both came to realize providing internet access wasn't what they wanted to do in the future, so they began working on ideas for Web Development services. Right around that time, George had to join the army for compulsory training (such as it is the system here in Greece) and Mark (his twin brother) came in to help while George was away.

Mark and George began working on all kinds of web based services (web page guestbooks, email services, a travel directory, and other). The free guestbooks service was especially successful, being one of the most successful services of its kind on the Web at the time. Motivated by the success of those services, the three friends decided the next step would be to build a new portal site, inspired mostly by Yahoo!.

They wanted to build something that would get new content, new services, on a daily basis. Pathfinder was chosen as the name - it was then when the NASA rover made it to Mars - and work began in the earnest.

We really wanted to build a search engine that would provide fast, fresh and relevant results to Pathfinder users. We called it Trinity (named after the Matrix film character) and as it was evolving, the traffic to our site was growing with it. It was perhaps the most popular, complete and well known search service in Greece soon thereafter.

It was then that we were asked to join DOL Digital (Lambrakis Publication Group) group of a companies, a major initiative by the largest content and publishing company in Greece. We were called into providing search results (Trinity) to in.gr and in the process we accepted DOL's offer and joined them in early 2000.

In late 2010 we thought it was the right time to become independent again, so we eventually got back the 50% shares owned by DOL and the company became wholly owned by the 3 founders again. Since then, we have expanded in operations, head count, dreams and efficiency.

We are born.
Mark creates Pathfinder's first version.
Partnership with DOL.
Phaistos Networks S.A. is formed.
First version of ADMAN, PASS, goes live.
Pathfinder Shopping goes live
Company becomes the founding member of IAB Hellas
1st major redesign of Pathfinder frontpage
2nd major redesign of Pathfinder frontpage
Company goes independent again
BestPrice.gr launch
New office at Athens