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Our Products

"Low level" services and products

  • Trinity — Indexing and search framework that supports billions of documents, both whole word and prefix based search.

    A typical Trinity query takes 0.01s to execute.

  • BulletProof — High performance WAN Domain Name Server(DNS) suitable for multihoming setup implementation.

    BulletProof enables deployment of multiple Links, multiple IP address spaces environments - it can monitor links health (SNMP, HTTP, etc) - and dynamically generate responses to DNS requests based on the health and bandwidth capacity of all defined, monitored Links.

    Phaistos is using BulletProof to evenly distribute load to 3 different ISP links. Should any of those become unavailable or overloaded, the system is able to identify the problem and will no longer consider them in future response generation procedures.

  • Link — High performance, Level7 traffic management and caching.

    Link transparently inspects incoming traffic, executes decision logic on it (a simple programming language is used to define behavior), routes it to the best suited backend node, and then back to the client, optionally caching the response for later

    Phaistos is using Link for routing and monitoring all incoming traffic to all services.

  • CloudDS — Distributed, highly available, KV store.

    There is no single point of failure and no bound on number of objects that can be stored; scales out by adding nodes to a cluster.

  • CloudFFS — Distributed scale out files data store
  • SGL — Programming language for controlling application and services logic

Our Services

  • Web development — We provide cutting-edge technology solutions for every web development need
  • Mobile app dev — iOS, Android
  • Consulting — Putting our experience and expertise in motion

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